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How to find the exact value of sin

sin (7π / 12) This can be written as, sin (π - (5π / 12)) sin (5π/12) = 0.96. Therefore, the exact value of sin (7π / 12) is 0.96. Seek help from our calculators for any math concept that will be

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Explain how to find the exact value of sin(570°).

Find the Exact Value sin(105) Step 1 Apply the reference angleby finding the anglewith equivalenttrig values in the first quadrant. Step 2 Split into two angleswhere the values of the

How do you find the exact value of sin(0)?

As we know, tan is the ratio of sin and cos, such as tan θ = sin θ/cos θ. Thus, we can get the values of tan ratio for the specific angles. Sin Values. sin 0° = √(0/4) = 0. sin 30° = √(1/4) = ½. sin 45° = √(2/4) = 1/√2. sin 60° = √3/4 = √3/2. sin 90° =