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In our age, knowing the material isnt as important as knowing where to find it, it's been YEARS since I've taken ANY math and I was looking for a small scientific calculator (I have the TI-84 plus) that is simple and not bulky.

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I love and am impressed by all the options I had on how to solve the problem when I took a picture, it's so good! I really need to thank This app for making the plus version free for quarantine now that we can't really ask teachers for help.


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Centripetal Acceleration Calculator

Centripetal acceleration is defined as the property of the motion of an object traversing a circular path. The acceleration is directed radially toward the center of the circle and has a magnitude equal to the square of the body’s speed

Centripetal Acceleration

The centripetal acceleration ac has a magnitude equal to the square of the body’s speed v along the curve divided by the distance r from the centre of the circle to the moving
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How To Find Centripetal Acceleration: Different Use Cases

Acceleration is in the direction of the change in velocity, which points directly toward the center of rotation—the center of the circular path. This direction is shown with the vector diagram in the figure.

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Centripetal Force Calculator


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centripetal acceleration

Applying this centripetal acceleration formula the answer is: ac = v2 / r Therefore, r = v2 / ac = (1.1m/s)2 / 3.8 m/s2 = 0.32m Do It Yourself 1. An Object is Travelling in a Circle at a Constant

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