How to find the area of a scalene triangle

The area of a scalene triangle with any side as base ‘b’ and height ‘h’ (an altitude on that base) is A = 1 2 × b × h s q u a r e u n i t s Area of Scalene Triangle

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Area of Scalene Triangle

The area of the scalene triangle is obtained by taking half of the product of the base to the height of the triangle. Thus, the formula for the area of the scalene triangle, with a base b and height h is (1/2) bh. Or, Area of a Scalene

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How to Find the Area of a Scalene Triangle

e!1. Understand the equation you will use to solve this equation. You will use the e2. Multiply the base times the height. To find the area of this triangle, you mus3. Divide the p See more

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