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How to find maximum and minimum of a polynomial function

To find these, we start by finding the derivative. f '(x) = 6x2 −12x −48 We must now find the critical numbers. These will contain our relative maximum and minimums. This is a

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Maximum and Minimum Values of Polynomials

To get maximum and minimum values of the function substitute x = a and x = b in f (x). Maximum value = f (a) Minimum value = f (b) Maximum and Minimum Values of a Function Using

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How to Find a Maximum Value for a Polynomial

These four points can occur because P(x) is a polynomial of degree 5. The maximum points are located at x = 0.77 and -0.80. The maximum values at these points are 0.69 and 1.57 respectively. The minimum points are located at x =
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How do I find the minimum value of a polynomial?

B) The graph has one local minimum and two local maxima. C) The graph has one local minimum and one local maximum. D) The graph has no local minima or local maxima. I

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Finding Maximum and Minimum Values of Polynomial

If there is a global maximum or minimum, it is a reasonable guess that it would be on this line, so let's see what we have at x 0 = − b 2 a. Plugging this into the equation and doing

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