How to find domain of a radical function

Step 1: Determine what values, if any, result in the denominator of the function equalling zero. These values will be Step 2: Determine the domain of any radicals in the function. Odd

The Domain and the Range of a Radical Function

👉 Learn how to find the domain of a radical function. Recall that the domain of a function is the set of possible input values (x-values) of the function. F
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Domain and Range of Radical and Rational Functions

To find the domain of this type of function, set the bottom equal to zero and exclude the x value you find when you solve the equation. A function with a variable inside a radical sign. To find the domain of this type of function

Domain and Range

Find the domain. To find the domain of a radical function, you will set your radicand to the

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Finding Domain and Range

This video shows how to find the domain of a radical function and write your answer in interval notation.