How to find common ratio in geometric sequence

A series would be definite or indefinite depending upon the concerned sequence itself too. Examples 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + . is an infinite series of all the natural numbers. 10 + 20 +

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How do I find the common ratio of a geometric sequence?

Let the first term of the sequence be a 1. Then a 1 = 12; the fourth term is a 4 = − 96. Since the sequence is geometric with ratio r, a 2 = r a 1, a 3 = r a 2 = r 2 a 1, and so on. With

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Geometric Sequence Calculator

The formula of the common ratio of a geometric sequence is, an = a * rn - 1 where n is the nth term. r is the common ratio. Let us see the steps that are given below to calculate the common