How to factor a perfect cube binomial

Example 1: Factor the difference between the cubes, 216 – 125. Use the difference of cubes rule to find the variables. In this case, The cube root of 216 is 6, and the cube root of

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Factoring and Perfect Cubes

Factoring Perfect Cube: Formula and Examples Perfect Cube Formula. The perfect cube formula is simply expressed as some integer x to the power or exponent of 3; i.e. Factoring Perfect Cubes. There is a step-by-step

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How to Factor a Perfect Cube

Multiply the two factors together to get the factored form of the binomial: (x + 3) (x^2 - 3x + 9) in the example equation. Difference of Cubes Take the cube root of the two binomial terms. The cube root of A is the number that, when cubed, is equal to A; for example, the cube root of 27 is 3 because 3 cubed is 27. The cube root of x^3 is simply x.

Factoring Binomials

How to solve a perfect cube of binomials? Take the cube root of each term. The roots will form a binomial with subtraction. The binomial must be multiplied by a trinomial

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