How to determine if a trinomial is a perfect square

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Math Introduction to Factoring a Perfect Square Trinomial

x2 − 7x + 12 x 2 - 7 x + 12 A trinomial can be a perfect square if it satisfies the following: The first term is a perfect square. The third term is a perfect square. The middle term is either 2 2 or −2

Determining If the Polynomial Is a Perfect Square

The following are the tips on how to recognize a perfect square trinomial: Check whether the first and last terms of the trinomial are perfect squares. Multiply the roots of the

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How to factor perfect square trinomials

Since Δ ≠ 0, your trinomial is not a perfect square. We factorize perfect square trinomials to find whether the discriminant is a perfect square or not. We can find the nature by the perfect

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