How to combine fractions

combine\:\frac{6}{x-1}-\frac{3}{x+1} combine\:\frac{2}{x^{2}-36}-\frac{1}{x^{2}+6x} combine\:\frac{5x-2}{8}-\frac{x-3}{8} combine\:\frac{6x}{7}\cdot\frac{4x}{3}

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Adding Fractions

Combine like terms to simplify the expression. 2 3x− 3 4y+ 1 2 + 7 5x+ 2 3y 2 3 x − 3 4 y + 1 2 + 7 5 x + 2 3 y Step 1: Identify the like terms. There are five terms in the expression. The

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Adding Fractions

You will be asked to rewrite the two fractions as a single fraction in its simplest form. Combining algebraic fractions means that you have to add or subtract them (rewrite them as one fraction). In its simplest form already suggests you

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How To Add Fractions

Mathematics Lecturer Eric Kean of Western Washington University reviews how to combine fractions.
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