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How to add radicals with variables

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Adding and Subtracting Radicals with Variables

First, let’s simplify the radicals, and hopefully, something would come out nicely by having “like” radicals that we can add or subtract. Express the variables as pairs or powers of 2, and then

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Adding Radicals

Correct. When adding radical expressions, you can combine like radicals just as you would add like variables. \(\ 10 \sqrt[3]{4}+4 \sqrt[4]{3}+\sqrt[4]{3}+4 \sqrt[3]{4}=14

Adding, Subtracting and Multiplying Radical Expressions

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Simplifying radical expressions (addition)

2√6 + 5√6 = (2 + 5)√6 = 7√6. Typically, we do not show the step involving the distributive property and simply write, 2√6 + 5√6 = 7√6. When adding terms with like radicals


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