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How do you turn an improper fraction into a decimal

What is the correct way of converting improper fractions to decimals? Divide numerator by denominator and continue dividing the remainder if any by putting a decimal point and

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Converting between Fractions and Decimals

Understand the parts of a fraction and what they represent. The fraction consists of three parts: the numerator, which is the top part of the fraction, the slash, which

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Convert Improper Fraction into Decimal at Algebra Den

This math video tutorial explains how to convert fractions to decimals using long division. It explains how to convert improper fractions to decimals and ho
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How to Convert Fractions to Decimals

Then we will cancel out the common factors in the numerator and denominator. Both numbers have a factor of 5, so 585 100 can be simplified to 117 20. 585 100 = 5 × 3 × 3 ×

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How can I turn improper fractions into decimals?

Convert Improper Fraction into Decimal Before you study how to convert improper fraction into decimal you are advised to read What is Improper Fraction ? In order to convert an improper

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Mixed Number to Decimal Calculator

Converting An Improper Fraction 1 Divide the numerator by the denominator. Start by writing your improper fraction. Then, divide the numerator by the denominator — in other

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