How do you find the volume of a pentagonal pyramid

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Volume of Pentagonal Pyramid Calculator

In the pentagonal pyramid, the base length is 9 cm, the height is 12 cm, and the apothem length is 5 cm. Therefore, b = 9 c m, h = 12 c m and a = 5 c m Formula to calculate the volume of a

volume of pyramid

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Volume of a Pentagonal Pyramid

To get the volume of a regular pentagonal pyramid with a side length of a and a height of h: Square the side length to get a². Multiply a² by its height, h. Multiply this product by

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Pyramid Volume Calculator

Formula for the volume of a pentagonal pyramid. (1) Pyramid volume = Base area × Height 3. Base area = Pentagon area = Perimeter × Apothem2. Volume = 5 × Side × Apothem

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Volume of a Pentagonal Pyramid

To calculate the volume of a pyramid, you need to know its height and the area of the base. Once you have that information, you can find the volume using the formula V
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