How close does the curve y sqrt x

In this blog post, we will be discussing about How close does the curve y sqrt x.

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How close does the graph y=√x come to the point (1/2,16)

And so we're gonna multiplied by the derivative of the inside there, which is just going to get us to X and then minus two. Now, from here again, like we said, set this all equal to zero. This'll part
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Find the point on the curve y = sqrt(x) that is closest to the

Calculus questions and answers. How close does the curve y = square root x come to the point [2/3,0]? (Hint If you minimize the square of the distance, you can avoid square roots.)

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Example 7.8 Find the point on the curve y = √ x that is closest

65.5K subscribers Find the point on the curve y = sqrt (x) that is closest to the point (3,0).

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