How to take natural log of both sides

There's a similar problem in my class notes where it was solved by taking the natural log of both sides. Is this the way to go on this problem? If so, I'm stuck at this point. As

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Take the natural log of both sides to implicitly

If you need to convert between logarithms and natural logs, use the following two equations: log 10 ( x) = ln (x) / ln (10) ln (x) = log 10 ( x) / log 10 ( e) Other than the difference

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Natural Log of Both Sides

So we take the natural log of that side, and we take the natural log of that side. Well, the natural log of e to the y, what power do we have to raise e to to get to e to the y? Well, that's why we took the natural log. This just simplifies as y. And we get y is equal to, is equal to the

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How to Solve an Exponential Equation by Taking the Log of

👉 Learn about solving exponential equations. Exponential equations are equations involving exponents. To solve an exponential equation, we express the terms
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