How to find inverse of log

We will explore How to find inverse of log can help students understand and learn algebra.

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Inverse Functions and Logarithms

This video discusses the rules of exponents and demonstrates the method for finding the inverse of a log function. Step-by-step!

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Inverse of Logarithmic Function

0:00 / 9:45 Finding The Inverse of a Logarithmic Function 76,499 views Aug 30, 2017 This video shows how to find the inverse of a logarithmic function. Share 36.3K

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Steps to find the inverse of a logarithm

The following steps would be useful to find inverse of a function f (x), that is f-1(x). Step 1 : Replace f (x) by y. Step 2 : Interchange the variables x and y. Step 3 : Solve for y. Step 4 :