How to evaluate a difference quotient

There are also many YouTube videos that can show you How to evaluate a difference quotient.

Algebra Examples

Here are four steps to remember when evaluating difference quotients: Find the expression of f ( a + h) by substituting x in f ( x) with a + h. Find the expression of f ( a) by

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Difference Quotient

The steps we take to find the difference quot are as follows: Difference Quotient Formula Plug x + h into the function f and simplify to find f (x + h). Now that you have f (x + h), find f (x + h) – f (x)
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Difference Quotient

We first calculate f (x + h). f (x + h) = 2 (x + h)^2 + (x + h) - 2. We now substitute f (x + h) and f (x) in the difference quotient. \dfrac {f (x + h) - f (x)} {h} = \dfrac { 2 (x + h)^2 + (x + h) - 2 - ( 2 x^2 + x -

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Difference quotient

!This video explains how to evaluate the difference quotient, and simplify it. Remember to put parentheses around the function that is being subtracted, so y

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