How to find the interval notation of an inequalities

Are you trying to learn How to find the interval notation of an inequalities? If so, you have come to the right place.

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2.7: Introduction to Inequalities and Interval Notation

Represent the possible amount of calories she could eat using interval notation. Solution: Let's represent the number of calories by x. The inequality representing the possible amount of
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Lesson Explainer: Inequalities and Interval Notation

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Inequality to Interval Notation Calculator

Another way to describe this collection of numbers is that it is all x such that If we only want one of the endpoints we call the interval a half open interval. The notation corresponds as follows: [a, b) for and (a, b] for. If we want to include we use parenthesis for any side of the inequality with an infinity. See more
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Tutorial 22: Linear Inequalities

Here we explain how our inequality to interval notation calculator works: Start by choosing the calculator mode, that is, the conversion direction: From interval notation to

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