8.1 The Ellipse

When the equation of an ellipse is written in the general form, we first rewrite it in standard form using completing the square. After the equation has been rewritten in the

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Equations of Ellipses

How To: Given the vertices and foci of an ellipse centered at the origin, write its equation in standard form. Determine whether the major axis is on the x – or y -axis. If the given coordinates of the vertices and foci have the If the given

Equation, Properties, Examples

X - -4 squared over 5 squared over our horizontal radius squared, so it's going to be 25 plus Y - 3 squared. Y minus the Y coordinate of our center. Y - 3 squared over our vertical radius squared, so B squared is going to be 16, and that is

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8.2: The Ellipse

We find these numbers by comparing our equation with the standard form equation. Whatever number we see in place of our letters is what each respective letter equals. If our h is 3 and our k is