How to divide variables with exponents

Dividing exponents with same base For exponents with the same base, we should subtract the exponents: a n / a m = a n-m Example: 2 6 / 2 3 = 2 6-3 = 2 3 = 2⋅2⋅2 = 8 Dividing exponents with

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Dividing Variables with Exponents

Dividing Exponents with Coefficients First, we rewrite the expression as a fraction, that is, 12a 7 / 4a 2. Then we divide the coefficients, that is, 12/4 = 3. After this step, we can apply the quotient

Variables with Exponents

So just subtract the exponents of the variables we are dividing by! Here is a bigger demonstration, involving several variables: The zs got completely cancelled out! (Which

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Simplifying Exponents With Fractions, Variables, Negative

Dividing exponents rely on the quotient property of powers that states: xa xb = xa−b x a x b = x a − b However, each case needs to be individually analyzed since the process

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Dividing Exponents (Exponent Rules & Laws) & Canceling

1. Write down the problem. The most simple version of this problem will be 2. Subtract the second exponent from the first. The second exponent is 2 and th3. State your fi See more

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Multiplying and Dividing Exponents

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