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Finite geometric series formula (video)

r = 20. n = 10. The 10th term in the series is given by S 10 =. a ( 1 − r n) 1 − r = 2 ( 1 − 20 10) 1 − 20. =. 2 ( 1 − 20 10) 1 − 20 = 2 × ( − 1.024 × 10 13) − 19. =. − 2.048 × 10 13 − 19. = 1.0778 × 10 12.

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Geometric Series

The geometric series formula will refer to determine the general term as well as the sum of all the terms in it. For example, in the above series, if we multiply by
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Geometric Series

A geometric series is the sum of finite or infinite terms of a geometric sequence. For the geometric sequence a, ar, ar2, , arn-1, , the corresponding geometric series is a + ar + ar2 + , arn-1 + . We know that series means sum. In particular, the geometric series means the sum of the terms that have a common rati See more

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Geometric Sequence Formula


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