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IQ is short for intelligence quotient. IQ is a total score derived from a set of standardized tests or subtests designed to assess human intelligence.

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He was also keen to multiply the result by 100, so the final equation for IQ is (mental age) / (chronological age) X 100. Indeed, an IQ of 130 sounds much cooler than an IQ of 1.3. This

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Intelligence quotient

Average intelligence – IQ score equation. 1. Differentiation in intelligence is occurring across the world and the average intelligence of a person has been increasing rapidly

The formula for calculation of Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is

the average IQ range for adults is between 100 and 130 What is considered a genius IQ? There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a person’s definition

The IQ of person is given by the formula, IQ = m / c × 100


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