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To convert grams to fluid ounces, divide the number of grams by 28.35 and multiply by 0.035. For example, 14 grams is equal to 0.49 fluid ounces, and 2,000 grams is equal to 70.57 fluid

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Liquid Conversions Calculator

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Volume Conversion Calculator

v olume conversion (1) 1fl oz =2t bsp=6tsp= 8fl dr =480min (2) 1gal= 4qt =8pt =16cp =32gi =128fl oz (3) 1barrel =31.5gal 1barrel (p etroleum) = 42gal (4) 1m3 =103l = 104dl =106ml (5) 1ft3

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US Liquid Conversion Calculator

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US Fluid Ounces conversion calculators, tables and forumas

While originally derived in pediatric patients, this calculator is applicable to any age. Consider using ideal body weight in obese patients. If not calculating based on ideal body weight, use
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