Finding where tangent line is horizontal

Sorted by: 1. HINT: On implicit differentiation, 2 x + x d y d x + y + 2 y d y d x = 0. d y d x denotes the tangent line at ( x, y) The slope/gradient of horizontal tangent line = 0. This will give us a

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Equation of Tangent and Normal

The tangent line to the graph of f ( x) is horizontal at any point x such that f ′ ( x) = 0. To use your example, f ′ ( x) = 6 x 2 + 6 x − 36. Now find which values for x satisfy f ′ ( x) = 0. when x = − 3
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How to Calculate a Horizontal Tangent Line

Then find the corresponding y value in the ORIGINAL equation: f ( X) = ( x − 2) ( x 2 − x − 11) to determine the two points: ( x 1, y 1), ( x 2, y 2) where the line tangent to f (x) is horizontal. y 1 =

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Calculus question taking derivative to find horizontal tangent line

The slope of the tangent line of a parametric curve defined by parametric equations x = / (t), y = g (t) is given by dy/dx = (dy/dt)/ (dx/dt). A parametric curve has a horizontal tangent

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