Finding the inverse of an exponential function

16-week Lesson 32 (8-week Lesson 26) Finding the Inverse of an Exponential or Logarithmic Function 3 Example 3:)List the domain and range of the function (𝑥)=ln(−𝑥. Then find its inverse


Solving Exponential Equations

This video shows how to find the inverse of an exponential function.

5.3: Graphs of Exponential Functions

Mathbyfives 137K subscribers This is the 4 step process for finding an inverse function. The video takes an exponential function and transforms it to its logarithmic inverse.

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Inverse of Exponential Function f(x) = 3^(x

See explanation about 'inverse function'. Suppose we have: y=a^x Take logs of both sides ln(y)=ln(a^x) But ln(a^x) is the same as xln(a) giving: ln(y)=xln(a) Divide both sides

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Showing how to find the inverse of an exponential

You can always check whether it is correct by exploiting the definition of inverse function, i.e. f ( f − 1 ( x)) = f − 1 ( f ( x)) = x. In your case, 3 − ( − log 3 x) = 3 log 3 x = x, so you are right. Share

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Find the Inverse of an Exponential Function

For example, find the inverse of f (x)=3x+2. Inverse functions, in the most general sense, are functions that reverse each other. For example, if takes to , then the inverse, , must take to .

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Exponential Functions

Since you've now said you wanted e x in the numerator, here's that: y = e x 1 + 2 e x = 1 e − x + 2. multiply by − 1 exponentiate add 2 reciprocal. So the inverse is: reciprocal subtract 2 take
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