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Finding roots of polynomials

In this blog post, we will explore one method of Finding roots of polynomials.

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Roots of Polynomials

Sure, you add square root of two to both sides, you get x is equal to the square root of two. So, there we have it. We have figured out our zeros. X could be equal to zero. P of zero is zero. P of negative square root of two is zero, and p of square root of two is equal to zero. So, those

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Zeroes/Roots of Polynomials

So, except for very low degrees, root finding of polynomials consists of finding approximations of the roots. By the fundamental theorem of algebra, one knows that a polynomial of degree n

Finding Real Roots of Polynomial Equations

Finding Roots of Polynomials Let us take an example of the polynomial p (x) of degree 1 as given below: p (x) = 5x + 1 According to the definition of roots of polynomials, ‘a’ is

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