Find the y intercept and x intercept of the line

Check if the equation of the line is in the form of ax+by+c = 0 (or) ax+by = c (i) Slope (m) = - coefficient of x/coefficient of y (ii) To find x-intercept, put y = 0. (iii) To find y-intercept, put x =

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X & Y intercept Formulas, Examples

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How Do You Find the X

The equation of the line in the slope-intercept form is, y = mx +b y = m x + b. By the definition of the slope-intercept form itself, b b is the y y -intercept of the line. Thus, the y y
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Find the X and Y Intercepts of a Line Using Algebra

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Intercepts Calculator

Article Summary X. To find the y intercept using the equation of the line, plug in 0 for the x variable and solve for y. If the equation is written in the

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Intercepts from an equation (video)

To find the x intercept, set y=0 and solve for x. The x intercept will be at (C/A, 0). To find the y intercept, set x=0 and solve for y. The y intercept will be at (0, C/B). For example, the equation

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