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I really enjoy using this app its the best math solver out there its easy to use and has little to no ads and solves hard equations, best app for solving maths(especially calculus), highly recommended, this app is pretty great.

Clarify math equation

Joseph Moldenhauer

Deal with math problem

Works great just needs to work on being able to solve some problems that arnt an option yet. There is also a calculator in case you wanted to try out the question by yourself. It has helped me get through all of those questions I was stuck on ever since I've used this app I never ran behind in math and it helps me catch up on late assignments thank you.

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Glenn Cherry

Quotient and remainder calculator

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Long Division Calculator with Remainders

For dividend, the formula is: Dividend = Divisor × Quotient + Remainder. For divisor, the formula is: Dividend/Divisor = Quotient + Remainder/Divisor. What's the quotient and

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Remainder Calculator

Question 1 : Find the quotient and remainder of the following. (i) (4x3 + 6x2 – 23x +18) ÷ (x + 3) Solution : Quotient = 4x 2 - 6x - 5 Remainder = 33 (ii) (8y 3 – 16y 2 + 16y –15) ÷ (2y – 1)