What is Endpoint Formula?, Examples

The equation for finding the coordinates of one endpoint ( B) of a straight line AB given the coordinates of the other ( A) and its midpoint M is: where ( xA, yA) are the coordinates of point A, ( xB, yB) are the coordinates of point B, and ( xA, xA)

What is the Endpoint Formula?

Assuming you have an endpoint A = (x₁, y₁) and midpoint M = (x, y): Double midpoints' coordinates: 2x, 2y. Subtract the x-coordinate of the known endpoint from the first value to get the x-coordinate of the missing endpoint: x₂

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Find the missing endpoint, Given the other endpoint and the

To find midpoint you add your points and divide by two, so to find an endpoint you only need to do the opposite, double the midpoint and subtract the endpoint: x-value: 5 (2) - 2 =

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