Factoring equations with two variables

6 x 2 + x – 12 = 0 . Factor. (3 x – 4)(2 x + 3) = 0 . Apply the zero product rule. The check is left to you. The solution is or . Example 4. Solve 2 y 3 = 162 y. 2 y 3 = 162 y. Get all terms on one side

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How to Factor Trinomials with 2 Different Variables

In this video, you will learn how to factor a trinomial with two variables. When you factor, you are looking for a factor pair of the value of c that when you add the numbers you get the

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How Do You Use a Solve a Polynomial Equation With Two

To factor a trinomial with two variables, the following steps are applied: Multiply the leading coefficient by the last number. Find the sum of two numbers that add to the

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