Find the value of x round to the nearest tenth

The best way to Find the value of x round to the nearest tenth is to eliminate as many options as possible.

Solved Find the value of x. Round to the nearest tenth. 19 x

Step-by-step explanation: Here we have to use the tan ratio to find the value of x. tan = opposite/adjacent. tan 35 = x/12. Multiplying both sides by 12, we get. x = 12 tan 35 [tan 35 = 0.7] x = 12*0.7. x = 8.4. Therefore, the value

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Find the value of x to the nearest tenth

Also, the angle opposite to that leg is of 35°, We know that, Thus, we can write, ( By cross multiplication ) Hence, the value of x is approximately 31.4.

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Find the value of x. Round your answer to the nearest tenth

Here, we want to find the value of x . To do this , we use the appropriate trigonometric ratio . The side facing x is 12, this is called the opposite . 6 is the third side and it

Find the value of x?. Round to the nearest tenth

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