Find diameter of cone with height and volume

Cone Height Formula for Cone can be expressed as, Formula 1: h = 3V/πr 2. where, V = Volume of the cone. r = Radius of the cone. This formula is derived from the formula of the volume of a

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Volume of a Cone Calculator

Find its diameter. For some cone with the volume of 441𝜋 cubic centimeters and a height of 12 centimeters, we want to know the diameter. Recall that the volume of any cone is equal to one-third 𝜋 times the radius squared times the height.

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Volume of a Cone with Diameter

Cone Volume = 1/3 PI R^2 *H R = 1/2*diameter = 7, in this case. H is the vertical height. You're given the angle of the side of the cone as 32°. The tan is H/R, so H = R*tan32° approx 7*.625 = 4.375 You should now have enough information to