Some aspects of the theory of estimating equations

Getting Started with Generalized Estimating Equations The main difference is that it’s a marginal model. It seeks to model a population average. Mixed-effect/Multilevel GEE is

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013. Generalized Estimating Equations: Examples of GEEs

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Whats the difference between estimating equations and

Estimating equations. We have established the estimating equations for the maximum likelihood with and without the whiteness constraint. In both cases, they take an invariant form, that is

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Getting Started with Generalized Estimating Equations

The solution of the estimating equation g ( y, θ) = 0 has two interpretations: (i) If the vector y is known, i.e., the population is completely enumerated, then θN ( y ), the solution of Eq. (22.3.1)

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Generalized Estimating Equations

In statistics, the method of estimating equations is a way of specifying how the parameters of a statistical model should be estimated. This can be thought of as a generalisation of many classical methods—the method of moments, least squares, and maximum likelihood—as well as some recent methods like M See more
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