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EnCase Assessment Test Flashcards

enCASE. enCASE Online Assessment & Item Creation Platform; Clever Integration ; enCASE Dashboard; enCASE Reports; enCASE Videos/ Help Documents; Intervention. TE21, Inc. 1184


enCASE, Online Assessment & Item Creation Platform, is a web-based application enabling teachers to deliver and manage TE21’s CASE Benchmarks and utilize TE21 CASSE Item Bank

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User testimonials

I wish the camera feature was a bit more accurate, but other than that, it couldnt get any better, it is great and good in solving operations. It's helps me A LOT! but can you do an update to set the subscription to free, i don't really wanna pay :(. I will highly recommend this app to any student who needs to learn maths.

Stanley Dickson

Whoever created this app, THANK YOU, this app is a very nice app, it is amazing if you ever need help with a math problem, and it explains/shows you how to do it step-by-step, it is very quick in response with no glitches or bugs found to the naked eye.

Jerald Miller

This is an incredibly helpful tool especially if, like myself, you've taken a long break between your math courses and have forgotten the small in between steps.

Jeremy Weddle
Deal with math equations

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