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Use the degree of the function, as well as the sign of the leading coefficient to determine the behavior. 1. Even and Positive: Rises to the left and rises to the right. 2. Even and Negative:

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End Behavior Calculator

End behavior of polynomial functions calculator The degree and the leading coefficient of a polynomial. The end behavior of a polynomial can be determined by its leading coefficient and its degree. Enter the polynomial function into a graphing calculator or online graphing tool to determine the end behavior. Long run behavior calculator ;

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Finding the end behavior from a polynomial function

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Find the End Behavior f(x)

long-run vs. short-run behavior. Conic Sections: Parabola and Focus
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End behavior model calculator

The long run behavior is the behavior at the far edges of the graph, the far left and far right. To analyze this behavior, we look at the graph and describe what we see. How to