Combined rate problems

In this video, I show you how to solve combined rate (i.e., work) problems, and in addition, I work out some problems that closely mirror what you should see

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Work Rate Problems with Solutions

Learn how to find the time to complete a job when two or more people work together in a combined rate problem in this free math video tutorial by Mario's Mat

3 Ways to Solve Combined Labor Problems

So the combined rate's just going to be the sum of each of their rates. If he can do 1/5 of a lawn per hour and he can do 1/3 of a lawn per hour, their combined rate is going to be 1/5 of a lawn per hour plus 1/3 of an hour. Because in an hour he'll do 1/5, and he'll do 1/3. So you'll add those two together to figure out how much they can do in an hour. So their combined rate is going to be 1/5 lawn per hour.

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9.10 Rate Word Problems: Work and Time

Actually, let's multiply both sides by 8A, so we get rid of this 1/8 as well. And then multiply the right-hand side by 8A as well. The left-hand side, 8A divided by 8 is just A. A is equal to-- 1/A times 8A is just going to be 8. 1/2A times 8A. 8A

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Work Word Problems

The rate of both workers combined is always the sum of their individual rates. That lets you fill in one more square in the table: Jenny and Laila’s rate when working together is 1/3

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