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Question 1o. If the graph of y = (x - 2)2 - 3 is translated 5 units up and 2 units to the right, then the equation of the graph obtained is given by. A. y = x2 + 2. B. y = (x - 2)2 + 5. C. y = (x + 2)2 + 2. D.

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KYOTE College Algebra Practice Exam 1

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College Level Mathematics Placement Pretest

Circle the correct interpretation (s) of the confidence interval (there may be more than one correct answer): 1) There is a 95% chance that the average weight of all teenagers

Algebra Review Practice Test

COLLEGE LEVEL MATHEMATICS PRETEST This pretest is designed to give you the opportunity to practice the types of problems that appear on the college-level mathematics placement test.