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Solve the steps 1 to 9: Step 1: Let u=vw Step 2: Differentiate u = vw du dx = v dw dx + w dv dx Step 3: Substitute u = vw and du dx = vdw dx + wdv dx into du dx − 2u x = −x2sin (x) v dw dx + w dv dx − 2vw x = −x 2 Step 4: Factor the parts
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Bernoulli`s Equation Calculator

Bernoulli's Equation formula: P1 + 0.5 * ρ * v12 + h1ρg = P2 + 0.5 * ρ * v22 + h2ρg. where: P1: Fluid Pressure at Point 1, in Pa. v1: Fluid Speed at Point 1, in meter/second. h1: Height at Point

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