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Ask Dr. Math - This is probably the best resource out there for anyone wanting an answer to a math question. Search their archives first to see if your question has already been asked, and

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Math can be a difficult subject for many students, but luckily we’re here to help. Our math question and answer board features hundreds of math experts waiting to provide answers to

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I didn't understand two examples which teacher showed us (btw. i will post pictures below). First example is: How many different four-digit numbers can be written with 1,2,3,5,6,8 (digits can be repeated). Okay, so, first, I did without any

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One way to think about math problems is to consider them as puzzles. To solve a math problem, you need to figure out what information you have.

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Doing math equations is a great way to keep your mind sharp and improve your problem-solving skills.

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Stuck on a tricky math problem that you can't seem to work through? Don't panic - has the solutions to your toughest math homework questions explained step by step. Can't find

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Connect one-on-one with a Math Tutor It is very basic. You ask a question and a math expert will answer your question in 10 minutes or less. One of the biggest strengths of Justanswer is that you don't have to pay or accept if you are not satisfied with the answer. Therefore, your risk is ZERO!

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To clarify math equations, simply break them down into smaller, more manageable pieces. By doing this, you can better understand what each part of the equation is doing and how it all fits together.

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