Inverse Operations in Math: Definition & Examples

Inverse operations are pairs of operations that undo or are the opposite of each other. An inverse operation reverses the work of its pair. This reversal is key to solving
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What are Inverse Operations? Definition, Facts and Examples

So, write the Inverse Operations of, (color coded to help see the order reversed) 1) Add 1 2) Multiply by 3 3) Subtract 4 So, the Inverse Operations will be, 1) Add 4 2) Divide by 3 3)

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Intro to inverse functions (video)

We just need to identify the mathematical operation that is being performed between those numbers and x, then do the opposite operation, in inverse order. The 3 is multiplying and the

Using inverse operations to solve equations

Inverse operations can be used to solve algebraic problems. Let's solve for x: 2 x + 3 = 17 In order to solve this problem, we must isolate the x on one side of the equation. The first step is

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What are Inverse Operations?

The process in which the effect of one operation is inversed by another operation is termed as inverse operations. For example, If we add 3 3 and 2 2 pens we get 5 5 pens, now subtract 5 5