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Area of rectangle word problems

The area of the rectangle=73 × 28=2044. Therefore, the area of the rectangle=2044 sq cm. Example 4. The area of the rectangle is 96 cm 2. The length of the

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Areas of Rectangles Word Problems

Area Word Problems (1) The perimeter of a rectangular concrete slab is 82 feet and its area is 364 square feet. What is the length of the (2) The width of a rectangle is 2 inches less than

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How to Solve a Word Problem Involving the Area of a Rectangle

Our Area of Rectangles Word Problems lesson plan teaches students how to solve real-world problems that involve the area of a rectangle or square. During this lesson

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Word Problems: Area and Perimeter of a Rectangle

Word Problems Worksheets | Area of Rectangles. Promote mathematical interest in children of grade 3 through grade 6 by relating the concept to the real-life situation with this batch of printable word problems worksheets on area of

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Word Problems on Area of a Rectangle

Problem 1 : A rectangular paddock is 800 m by 1.5 km. a) Find the area of the paddock in hectares. b) If fertilizer costs $50 per hectare, how much will it cost to fertilize the paddock?

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Find the area of rectangles: word problems

The length of rectangle is 5 units more than twice its width. If the area is 250 sq. units the find the dimensions of the rectangle. Writing quadratic equations to solve word problems: Area of a
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