Area of a triangular pyramid calculator

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Triangular Pyramid Surface Area Calculator

Determine the surface area of a triangular pyramid whose apothem length is 5 cm, side length is 8 cm and slant height is 10 cm. Solution: Apothem length = 5 cm Side length = 8 cm Slant

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Online Surface Area of a Triangular Pyramid Calculator

Triangular Pyramid Area of the base (A) = ½ * a * s Surface Area of Pyramid = A + ( (3/2) sl) Volume of Pyramid = (1/6) abh Where, a= apothem length s= side length sl= slant height of a pyramid abh area of base * height In case you don’t want

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Online Triangular Pyramid Calculator

Volume = (Area of Base × Height) ÷ 3 [ Note that the base is a Triangular therefore the area is ½ base × height ] Note: Do not forget to use the same measurements for different variables while
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Regular Triangular Pyramid Calculator

Formulas used for the Surface Area of a Triangular Pyramid Calculator The surface area of a solid is the sum of the areas of all its faces. Hence, the surface area of a triangular pyramid is

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