Angle addition postulate problems and answers

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Angle Addition Postulate

By Angle Addition Postulate, m∠IHQ + m ∠QHG = m∠IHG. m∠IHQ + 130 ° = 145 ° Subtract 130 ° from each side. m∠IHQ = 15 ° Problem 5 : In the diagram shown below, m ∠FCD = x ° + 41 ° if m ∠BCF = x ° + 78 ° m ∠BCD = 95 ° Find x.

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Angle Addition Postulate: Explained with Examples

The angle addition postulate says: By adding the two adjacent angles ∠GRN and ∠BLU together, you can find ∠BRN. So in this case ∠BRN = ∠BLU + ∠GRN = 40° + 60° = 100° So, there you have it! The ∠BRN is 100°. Here’s a fun tool to play

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Angle Addition Postulate

Q. Find the measure of the missing angle. answer choices. 154 degrees. 26 degrees. 180 degrees. 64 degrees. Question 24. 300 seconds. Q. Find m∠WXY.

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