Solving Equations and Simplifying Expressions

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Algebraic addition pyramids

Algebra Pyramids explanation for cover lesson

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Students build their skills in algebra by developing algebraic rules for the numbers of faces, edges and vertices in prisms and pyramids. They make deductions about unknown

Number Pyramids

A pyramid is a three-dimensional geometric shape with a polygon as its base and the lateral surfaces as triangles that meet at a common vertex. The number of triangular surfaces is equal to the

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Pyramid Parts

You can use information from 3 layer pyramid. There are two 3 layer pyramids in the 4 layer pyramid. A = B + C B = G + H + H + I C = H + I + I + J A = B + C = G + H + H + I + H + I + I + J David sent in a method to choose numbers at the bottom of

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