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Overall I love this app, and find it very helpful. Adds comes often but thats not a big deal. Amazing ! 10 stars ! Everytime I do an algebra problem I go on This app to see if I did it right and correct myself if I made a mistake.

Stephen Hayes

This app helped me so much,thanks for whoever created it :), best app for solving equations. I am taking precalculus and this app explained the rationale so easily, even for basic math I could write out the equations by hand, take a picture and solve it rather then try and input a long equation.

Eric Lasher

It's been almost 20 years since I took Algebra II and Trigonometry, so I needed help, its very helpful, and really shows the work. This app is amazing it helped me with expressions and equations. It works offline and as well as shows the steps by step process which should be followed correctly.

Orlando Vieira


Sum of Series Calculator

The Summation Calculator finds the sum of a given function. Step 2: Click the blue arrow to submit. Choose Find the Sum of the Series from the topic selector and click to see the result
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