2 digit addition and subtraction word problems with regrouping

These grade 2 word problem worksheets have a mix of addition and subtraction problems. Questions may have 2 or 3 terms; all numbers are less than 100. In some questions, students

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Two-Digit Numbers Basic Addition & Subtraction Word Problems

2. 2-Digit Subtraction Regrouping: S1. 3. Grade 2 subtraction word problem worksheets (1-2 digits) 4. Double Digit Subtraction With Regrouping Two Digit 5. Subtraction Worksheet -- 2
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Mixed Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

Some problems might require that children perform carrying or regrouping in the tens place when the sum of the digits in a column exceeds the value 9. Recognize real-world situations, develop problem-solving skills, foster a throbbing culture
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