Intermediate Algebra: Solve 1/a + 1/b = 1/c for c

Solve for c 1/a+1/b=1/c. 1 a + 1 b = 1 c 1 a + 1 b = 1 c. Rewrite the equation as 1 c = 1 a + 1 b 1 c = 1 a + 1 b. 1 c = 1 a + 1 b 1 c = 1 a + 1 b. Find the LCD of the terms in the equation. Tap for more

SOLUTION: 1/a+1/b=1/c solve for a

Another way to solve this a1 + b1 = c Subtract b1 from both sides a1 + b1 āˆ’ b1 = cāˆ’ b1 This then equals a1 = cāˆ’ b1 Then, multiply both sides by a and divide both sides by
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SOLUTION: 1/a+1/b=1/c solve for c can you please

1 b + 1 c = 1 a 1 b + 1 c = 1 a. Subtract 1 c 1 c from both sides of the equation. 1 b = 1 a āˆ’ 1 c 1 b = 1 a - 1 c. Find the LCD of the terms in the equation. Tap for more steps bac b a c. Multiply
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