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In this blog post, we will be discussing about Trigonometry problems solved.

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Solving Word Problems with Trigonometry

Prove the trigonometric identity: [tex]cos\alpha+cos2\alpha+cos6\alpha+cos7\alpha=4cos\alpha{\frac{\alpha}{2}}cos{\frac{5\alpha}{2}}cos4\alpha[/tex]

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How to Solve Trigonometric Equations

Trigonometry problems. ( 1). If A + B = 45 °, then find ( 1 + tan A) ( 1 + tan B) ( 2). Simplify cos ( 90 ° − θ) 1 + sin ( 90 ° − θ) + 1 + sin ( 90 ° − θ) cos ( 90 ° − θ) ( 3). Evaluate cos A − cos 3 A cos A +

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Trigonometry Word Problems with Solutions

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Solving trig equations is not as bad as it looks!

Solve the following trigonometry problems. Prove that (sin α + cos α) (tan α + cot α) = sec α + cosec α. If ∠A and ∠B are acute angles such that cos A = cos B, then show that ∠A = ∠B. If sin

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How to Solve Trigonometry Problems : 6 Steps

Trigonometry Word Problems The Washington Monument. An inquisitive math student is standing 25 feet from the base of the Washington Monument. The Solving for an
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